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Jehovah Jirah's Gospel Entertainment Facility & Life Resuscitation Center

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Jehovah Jirah’s is a Gospel Entertainment and Dining Facility. The purpose is to deliver the Word to people who may not go to a traditional church setting but will come to dine & fellowship in a relaxed yet spiritual atmosphere. The mission is to assist in achieving the vision of breaking the barriers of denomination and doctrine of men, building the faith of Christian’s & others through the word of God, spread the word of God through Audio/Visual & live entertainment, feed the hungry, and operate as a resource directory of life resurrection services.

Jehovah Jirah’s will provide various services that all work together for the good of those who believe. This facility will support and contribute to the growth of ministry. The goal is to expand worldwide. The facilities will include the following:

Daily Lunch & Dinner Buffet/Sat & Sun Brunch

  • Beverages offered will range from bottled water, sodas, juices, non-alcoholic beverages/drinks.
  • There will be a ‘per person’ cover charge which will entitle you to 2 trips to the buffet and the Gospel Entertainment that is scheduled for that particular day.
  • Cover charge will vary.
  • Entertainment will range from local as well as National Gospel Music Artists, Comedians, and Church Choirs presented Live as well as Recorded. 
  • There will also be sermons displayed of various Bishops and Pastors delivering the Word.


Delight in this culinary paradise and enjoy the climate controlled dining theatre that seats 1,000 people.  It will be available for Banquets and other approved functions.

Lower Level: Jirah’s Place

Jirah’s Place will feed those in need on a daily basis and will provide goody bags for the night. The Word will be presented daily at the same times on monitors throughout the building.

Jehovah Jirah’s will be a resource for assistance with life resurrection services and information on various Help Agencies including:

  • A “Soup Kitchen”
  • Education advancement
  • Job training
  • Housing
  • Financial assistance
  • Child care
  • Health
  • Clothing provision
  • Hair care provision
  • Family & Individual counseling/training

We are searching for committed, spiritually guided, focused, aggressive, energetic, logical and creative people to add to our Board of Directors to help this vision come to life. We need people who are knowledgeable in various area's as well as willing and able to get the job done and make things happen. Jehovah Jirah's will be a blessing to many, this is your opportunity to be a part.

I would like to Join The Board of Directors.