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Jehovah Jirah's Gospel Entertainment Facility & Life Resuscitation Center

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The Board meets once per month on Saturday over breakfast.


Dues are a minimum of $520.00 per year. Dues can be paid monthly or paid in full at your convenience (a payment MUST be made at each board meeting). If paid monthly, dues are due and payable at the monthly board meeting.  If paid yearly, dues are due and payable on your membership anniversary.  


A board member can miss 1 meeting per quarter, or 4 per year. An excused absence is considered notifying the chair or vice-chair of the board a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. If these guidelines are not adhered to the board member will be placed on probation and will lose their right to vote at the board meetings, however, that board member must continue to attend board meeting regularly as required by the guidelines for the duration of the probation which is a 3 month period.


In the event a board member decides to leave the board or step down to a committee position a 60 day notice must be given to afford the board an opportunity to seek a replacement.


A member in good standing can vote in proxy or conference call, if they are out on an excused absence.


If 25% of membership is excused from attending the scheduled board meeting, that meeting will be rescheduled to another day in that month, or scheduled as a conference call meeting.